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Question: Are you licensed, insured and bonded.

Answer: Yes we are a licenced insured and bonded transportation company since 1994.

Question: Will you be able to tow our car behind the motorhome?

Answer: Yes we can do that as well as drive your RV.

Question: Who pays for tolls and fuel?

Answer: Our price to you will include any tolls and fuel we have to put in your motorhome along the way. We do ask that when we do arrive to pick it up that there is at least 1/4 of a tank of fuel in your recreational vehicle.

Question: Do your drivers smoke in the vehicle.

Answer: Most of our drivers do not smoke at all and if they do we have a strict rule. No smoking in customers RV.

Question: Do your drivers sleep in the RV?

Answer: Generally our drivers will pull over in a safe area at a hotel and sleep in the hotel. There are times where the driver cannot do that and will sleep in your motorhome on the sofa yet not use your bedrooms.

Question: How long does your driver drive a day?

Answer: By Department of Transportation law, our drivers can only drive 11 hours a day which is about 500 to 700 miles.

Question: Should I have insurance on my RV when your driver drives it?

Answer: Yes. It is a good idea you have insurance on something you own yet our insurance will cover accidents.

Question: Does your insurance cover mechanical issues such as tire blow outs or other mechanical issues?

Answer: No, our drivers keep an eye on vehicle the whole trip. The drivers checks the fluids regulary as well as any signs of any malfunctions. In the event your vehicle does have an issue we will not abandon your vehicle.

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We offer professional safe drivers to drive your rv motorhome vehicle anywhere in the continental USA.

Since 1994 we have been transporting and driving motorhomes for personal and business moves.

We are licensed, insured and bonded.

For a free RV driving quote call 800-462-0038. Open 24/7.

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